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Eve of Destruction
doc toon training
Well, tomorrow's the big day. We got enough people to get down there and finish this in one go... I hope. This time... it ain't like last time, I got a feeling.

I'm sure King Hippo's gonna be ticked off, and he's gonna be expectin' me. And he's gonna be hoppin' around his throne room screamin' "Rutabega Candied Yams!" or some inscrutable crap like that, and he's gonna have that little guy with the hat with him, and that guy's gonna be all "Hey, where the hell is Doc Louis? We have such sights to show him. We want to feed him his own teeth." or crap like that. Well that's gonna have to wait. He's gonna need a rain check! A check of the rain. But he's gonna know I'm behind it. Even if we kick his big ol' butt back to normal, he's gonna be ticked at me. The price I gotta pay, I guess.

The good news is that King Hippo is a big scary lummox incapable of standing up on his own power. If we can knock him down, this thing's gonna be over. The bad news is that the armed wing of the Hippo Island guards are kinda loyal to the guy, even when he's acting like a jerk.

I been lookin' over the other boxers thoughts. Some of them are worried, some of them are itchin' for a fight, and some of them are just stone cold crazy. But they're a good bunch, I reckon. I think we're gonna get out of this okay. It occurs to me that I totally forgot to arrange group travel TO the island though. They're all gonna arrive piecemeal! Coordinating them's gonna be a mess, and I can't set foot on the island. I'm gonna have to call in a favor to get someone to meet them all at the airport, flag em down and get them their equipment.. And he's Not gonna be happy...

This gym is a mess!
Doc Mac Shoulder
Hey Mac Baby, tomorrow I'm gonna need your help cleaning up the gym before training! I think some teenagers broke in and smeared stuff on the walls! I have no idea why! Also, some of the walls are sticky like tape was up there. A mystery we will never solve! But some of the stuff is high up, and I'm gonna need you to clean it, because my fear of heights is acting up.

Also, I'm pretty sure I dislocated my jaw while eating a chocolate bar. Join the Nintendo Fun Club Today!

A Dark and Spooky Gym
club nintendo
*Doc Louis isn't here right now. Apparently the lights are out and most of the windows have their blinds down. The sign outside is inscrutable as ever.

"Doc's Gym. Join the Nintendo Fun Club Nintendo today, Mac!'

*But all is quiet on the inside. It's as if Doc Louis closed down the gym today and sent an inscrutable invitation to, say, Disco Kid, to come down to the gym and "discuss" things. An air of eerieness pervades the air and no one lingers outside. Doc himself probably sent Little Mac off on some training or errand.  This is getting weird.*

What in blazes???
club nintendo
Hey Mac Baby! What's this I hear about you being at the Club and being involved in an altercation? And drinking? And Glass Joe gettin' arrested? Should've stayed in the gym! Should've joined Club Nintendo or the Nintendo Fun Club or maybe Club Non-Involvement in Club Fights!

But you have to make your own decisions, I can't run your life for you. I can only suggest the best course of action, you're an adult now.

Wait, what am I saying, course I can! 500 sit-ups, and 500 jump-ropes! Faster Mac Faster! Work it Mac!

Speaking of which, where the hell are you? I've been calling you on your cell phone but I ain't gettin' a response! Did your phone get kidnapped by a circus or gypsy or gypsy circus? Did you get kidnapped by a circus or gypsy or gypsy circus?

Hey Mac Baby!
real doc face
Hey Little Mac! We've got a lot of training to do! I have a towel around my shoulder! Mac you need to practice those punches, fancy that footwork, and cook that casserole! I'm starving and seriously it's your turn.

Mac Baby let's take on the next challenge! Are you keeping up with your jump rope drills? I know you think that's a lame exercise but yes it is and I don't care and you'll do it chocolate barrrrrsss